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Other insurances

Espunda can advise you on many other insurance policies. Below you can find a small selection:

  1. Tenant insurance

Rent without worries?

You are renting an object from an owner for the long term. This owner has his own responsibilities and liabilities but so do you! Whatever insurance the owner has, it will not protect you and your belongings! That is why it is good to take out the right insurance that gives you the cover you are looking for.

  1. when your belongings are stolen, your belongings are not covered
  2. if the owner does not return the deposit / deposit, who will help you?
  3. if you leave a tap open and your neighbor has water damage, you are responsible.
  4. when the owner ignores a claim of liability, you have no protection, then what?
  5. if the house is uninhabitable and you have to leave it temporarily, who will cover the extra expenses.
  1. Repatriation insurance

Whatever happens, we'll get you home!

Your roots are in the country where you were born. Your house, Your country… You always want to come home. With our special repatriation insurance we ensure that you come home. This insurance runs in addition to any Dutch funeral insurance. This insurance does not include repatriation. We ensure that you will return home in the best conditions, also for your next of kin. This insurance is intended for people with a different nationality but living in Spain.

It is never a pleasant conversation to have, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Pets insurance
  2. Continuous travel and cancellation insurance
  3. Accident insurance in Spain, sports accidents, bicycle and / or car accidents.
  4. Risk - life insurance, for your peace of mind and that of your family. When you need a guarantee for a mortgage or bank loan, or when you are faced with the costs of an inheritance.
  5. Construction insurance if you are going to build a new house.
  6. Water vehicles insurance

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