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Espunda, your property partner for Spain

Financing, Insurance and Renting Out


When you can’t share you can’t multiply

Espunda, the property partner who thinks along with you


Espunda provides you with insight into matters that are relevant to you in order to make good, well-considered decisions. Transparency is part of our corporate culture. Transparency or accountability is a social responsibility of us to you.


Passion is the area where our skill matches our challenge, because passion usually goes along with talent. In general you recognize people with passion through their enthusiasm, enthusiasm and energy. Espunda = passion.

Customer interest

This means that we deliver what you really need as a customer. We do not give you what you are happy about at that moment, but we give the customer what he will be satisfied with in the longer term. We are therefore going for a long term relationship.


We believe that honesty and transparency are the basis for a long-term relationship.

Quality comes first

In everything we do at Espunda, quality comes first. This applies not only to the people of Espunda itself but also certainly to the professional parties we can possibly introduce to you. All these people have more than earned their spurs in their field.

By means of internal and external training courses, our employees are kept informed of the changes in the market so that you can ultimately provide up-to-date advice.

The quality of our total product is not an accidental outcome, but a logical consequence of controlling the entire process of the Spanish property market.

The property partners. ¡Claro!

  • CIF ESB42588392
  • Registro Mercantil de Alicante: Tomo 4145 Libro 0 Folio 86 Sección 8 Hoja A-161281 Inscripción 1

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