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Privacy Statement

Spam, that does not make us happy.

Your personal data, the data / information you have entered, we process and treat as Espunda wishes to do how others deal with our personal data. You should not expect anything else on the basis of our social responsibility. We therefore treat your data with respect.

Where does Espunda use your data for:

  • internal administration.
  • to improve our website and our services.
  • to inform you with latest news via our newsletter or facebook page.

You can expect us to process all personal data on the basis of the requirements set by the Personal Data Protection Act & AVG:

  • Espunda has, as indicated above, what the data is used for.
  • Espunda asks you for personal details that are necessary for our organization.
  • Proper protection of this data is a must and therefore well organized.
  • We NEVER share data with third parties.
  • All data is stored as long as you are a customer of Espunda unless you indicate that we must delete this data.
  • After receiving information after filling in the information request, but you do not wish to become a customer, we will delete this information immediately.
  • Is your express wish that we are not allowed to keep the data please fill out our contact form and also for the Espunda newsletter.
  • You have the right to file a complaint with the APG if you feel that we do not handle your details carefully.

If you request information via the website If you request information via our website, please leave your personal details. Before we conclude any business agreement with you, we will point out this privacy statement. We only use personal information that you have provided to us or have left behind. If you wish to delete, change, transfer or view your data, please fill out our contact form so that we will carry out the desired action.

If you send us a request for information

We take care of the removal of your message including all information once you have decided not to become a customer at Espunda. Not only the message will be deleted but also all data sent with it. No data is then saved.

If you sign up for our newsletter yourself

As soon as you leave your email address with us to register for our newsletter, we will add your email address to our email database for interested parties in our service. You will only receive from Espunda the relevant information that you may ultimately expect from us regarding our services. We regard any other form of information as spam and therefore do not send this information out.


If your express wish is to unsubscribe from our newsletter, there is the possibility to do so at the bottom of each newsletter. Once you have done that, all your data will be immediately removed from our database.

Via Espunda website to a website of a third party

We DO NOT provide your personal details to third parties. You can not hold Espunda liable and responsible for the personal data that may be collected by third parties if you click through to a third-party website via our website, of which various social media websites are an example.

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