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Why Us?

We are a SL company registered in Spain, the employees are qualified, and that’s why banks want to cooperate with us. Big banks tell us that we are one of their leading broker of mortgage activities in terms of quantity and quality of customer profiles. Because of our high quality of files, the banks are prepared to quickly look at our application that we submit. The result of this is that the turnaround time for our customers is very short. For the good file formation, we get a bonus with better conditions which you as a customer benefit from. Because of the short lines we will get better conditions than using the local banks. We are fully independent so we are searching for the best financial match with your needs and financial possibilities.

Money back guarantee

If you decide to submit a formal application, you will receive a mortgage proposal. As soon as the mortgage proposal has been accepted, so that we can start the actual discussions and request for you, we ask you to pay an administration fee of € 695.00. This fee comes with a money-back guarantee, so if our recommended bank or banks do not issue the mortgage and we can’t find a suitable alternative product, we will refund this fee (see our Terms and Conditions).

First advice without obligation

When you use the calculator to give us an idea for a simple quotation based on the information provided by you than there is no initial fee. With the information provided we can send you a mortgage offer outlining a potential mortgage for you. If you decide not to proceed after receiving this quotation, you still do not have to pay anything. Normally we will email you a quote within 48 hours. All information provided by you will be treated strictly confidential. Our goal is to service you from the begin till the end in an efficient way

Verschillende grote banken hebben opgemerkt dat wij het enige bedrijf zijn met adviseurs die gekwalificeerd zijn om advies te geven in zowel het VK als Spanje. Met een van de grootste banken in Spanje heeft dit ertoe geleid dat wij een van weinige officiële erkende tegenpartij zijn.

Competitive pricing

The rates we are charging are very competitive and we keep a constant eye on our competitors. Because of the fact that we charge a fee from the start of the process the banks know that our customers are serious about the mortgage application.

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