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Life Insurance

There are delicate moments in life that you would rather not think about. Sometimes it is wise to pause for a moment. What risks do I run and have I arranged well. You have 3 options to ensure that, in the event of your death, it will be arranged properly for your surviving relative.

There are 3 options for residents:

  1. Your wish is to be buried or cremated in Spain
  2. Your wish is to be buried or cremated in your home country
  3. You do not have a funeral insurance policy but you do want to be buried or cremated in Spain

Option 1

If you have a death policy in your home country with a cash benefit, you can use this cash benefit upon death to pay for a cremation or funeral in Spain. It is possible that the payment is not sufficient, so that the surviving relative has to pay the remaining amount to the Spanish funeral organization. You can then take out separate insurance with us.

Option 2

Then read the possibilities of a repatriation insurance

Option 3

You do not have a funeral insurance policy and your wish is to ensure that your surviving relative and loved one have no worries about the settlement of the funeral in Spain. In that case you can take out a life insurance policy with us. This can be done by paying a fixed monthly amount each year or by increasing the monthly amount a little every year.

Feel free to contact us for any questions about our life insurance policies.

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