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All in one Home Insurance

We have special insurance premiums for Expats who take out a home / contents insurance with us where your home is fully and correctly insured. Never lie awake again or you are properly insured, we first request all the necessary information before we issue a quote. We don't forget anything.

For real estate used in commercial rental, rental with a rental permit, different rules and coverages apply. You understand that the insurer is putting you more at risk as well. This is mainly due to the liability for you as owner / lessor. We now take out these policies regularly, as many policies with many companies do not provide sufficient cover for this type of rental.

Service and Quality

At Espunda, your home must be properly insured. We prevent complications and delays in the event of damage or an accident. Take out your policy with Espunda and rest assured.

You can assume that we insure everything in the policy that is necessary to obtain good cover in the event of damage. Many coverages are standard with us to indeed be able to sleep peacefully.


With the home insurance we take out a legal expenses insurance for living. The same applies here as with car insurance. For example, you will receive help for municipal matters, valuation when a house is completely burned down, but what is very important, the cover for illegal habitation (squatters).

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Why business liability insurance?


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