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Health Insurance

As a resident you have the option to insure yourself extra, ie private, for medical expenses in Spain. We have been able to put together an excellent insurance policy for you. The amount of the premium depends on your age and chosen cover. Our health insurance policies are available at a very attractive premium and a very extensive cover.

There are two types of health insurance:

Health insurance with a “cuadro médico”: that is the medical staff from which you can choose your doctor or specialist and / or the medical center that has entered into a partnership with the insurance company you want.

Private health insurances “Libre elección” (free choice): you can use the doctors and the medical center or hospitals that cooperate with the company, without paying anything extra and you can also choose doctors, anywhere in the world, then pay the bill and then it will be refunded to you. This all depends on the type of policy you have.

Travel Insurance: This is included in health insurance, and shouldn't pose any problem during a trip because, depending on what you choose, it will meet this need (check insured amounts for North America!).

Dental insurance (guarantee for teeth): included in the health insurance according to the type of insurance you have chosen, where you can visit those dentists who are affiliated with the company, with treatments where there is no personal contribution and others with a substantial discount.


Our DKV Policies are part of a group policy, which means that the premiums by means of a group discount are lower than a separate policy with an insurer. Our insured also have NO waiting times within the policy. With most insurers and policies, there is a period of 3 to 6 months in the first year of insurance during which a claim will not be honored or may not even be made. Our policy does NOT have this exclusion.


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