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Car Insurance

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Driving should be a relaxing activity. That is why Espunda offers the widest possible range of coverages.

We insure all types of vehicles

Cars with a historical registration, with Spanish and English registration. If you have a car with a license plate from another country, and you want to convert this into a Spanish license plate, please discuss this with us, because we can insure the car for 3 months.

Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and quads.

Vans, buses, trucks and campers.

Complaint Handling

Espunda is your contact for your complaints against the companies, we don't just sell you insurance, we help you when you really need it

Accident Handling

To make it easier for you, Espunda has its own accident-handling service. Our philosophy is quality, service and the agreement with the customer; that is why we realize detailed guidance for each file.

You choose the coverage of your vehicle

Base W.A. insurance, glass breakage, legal assistance, accident driver and breakdown coverage.

Insurance against fire and theft.

All risk insurance with or without deductible.

Optional guarantees, such as a replacement car, collision with animals, atmospheric phenomena, etc., which can be selected separately.


We always take out a separate legal assistance insurance policy for our car insurance. The legal assistance insurance for the car is very necessary, because the car insurance in Spain does include legal assistance, but not in certain cases, such as the conflict of interests that could arise. An example is the case of an accident caused by alcohol where there is a dispute about the total damage payment or if there are injuries in the car. Another example is, for example, determining the market value of the vehicle in the event of a total loss.

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