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Rental License

What is a rental license?

A rental license is a document given by the Comunidad Valenciana. With this license you have permission to rent out your property. It´s mandatory to have a rental license and without this you can high get fines for renting out without a permit. We recommend applying for a license if you are willing to rent your property out.

What is the procedure?

Since the law was amended in July 2018 it is necessary to submit a so-called "Certificado de Compatilibilidad Urbanistica". This is a certificate in which the municipality agrees with your intention to rent out your property and therefore needs to meet the local requirements set for it. These requirements can vary per municipality.

Step 1: Obtaining "Certificado de Compatilibilidad Urbanistica"

This step requires some preparation, because you must be able to submit a number of documents to the municipality for this. First collect / retrieve the following documents:

  1. Copy of passport and NIE number
  2. Photo of the outside of the property
  3. Copy of the escritura (deed)
  4. Copy of payment IBI and Basura
  5. Cedula de Habitabilidad or habitability statement (not older than 10 years)
  6. Floor plans of the location, which we can request based on the exact cadastral reference number or address.

With this information you can apply for the "Certificado de Compatilibilidad Urbanistica" or empower us to take care of it on your behalf. There are so-called fees owed to the municipality, which can be different per municipality. For instance:

  • Torrevieja € 54,10
  • Jávea € 92,-
  • Benitachell € 50,-

These rates are rates from 1st of May 2019. The municipality may have adjusted these. The municipality's rates are outside our sphere of influence.

Step 2. Obtain Tourist License (VT Number)

The obtained "Certificado de Compatilibilidad Urbanistica" in which the result is stated or the municipality agrees, you must hand over to us or we will collect it (as we have agreed) With this form we can request your license. normally we can send you the permit within 3 (working) days.

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