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Property Management

Do you have a (2nd) home but are not able to visit it regularly? No problem. With Espunda Property Management we are your eyes, ears and hands on the spot.

Property management is the collective name for managing real estate at an operational level. At Espunda we work in a different way than you might see or come across in the market. Our homeowners themselves determine, in consultation with Espunda, whether and which work must be carried out. So you are always in complete control.

Collective Preventive Management
CPM is the periodic joint purchasing and / or planning of preventive services for the preservation of your home. Consider, for example, an annual chimney sweep or annual air conditioning maintenance. If we plan such service visits, you will receive a message from us which activities we will plan in which period. We state the costs and ask who wants to participate. You can then indicate whether you want to participate. Participation is completely without obligation.

As soon as you agree, we will schedule this work. If you yourself are unable to grant access to the specialist on site, we will receive the service provider in your home and accompany them until the specialist concerned has finished the agreed work. We also check whether the execution has taken place in accordance with agreement. 

We can only offer guidance on your behalf if you purchase a key management package from us.

You will receive an invoice from the technician for this service, where we have already negotiated and agreed on the price for you. This invoice must be paid directly to the service company. Espunda will send you an invoice for the time we stayed with the specialist or for the work if we carry it out for you. Incidentally, this way of working applies to all property management services within Espunda.

Incident Property Management
IPM is the direct management of an exceptional situation in your home. Consider, for example, storm damage, failure of electronic equipment, or granting ad hoc access. Of course, we always discuss this in consultation with you and try to resolve damage and / or malfunctions as quickly as possible. Fridge broken? We discuss a budget with you and ensure that a new refrigerator will be delivered. You will receive an invoice for the refrigerator in your name directly from the supplier. The time spent resolving the problem will be billed to you at our hourly rate.

We can only offer the IPM service if you purchase a key management package from us.

Curious about our working method and our rates, please feel free to contact us.

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