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CO2 neutral that is what we all want.

More and more, we as humans are becoming aware that we need to give back to the earth what we have taken away from it over the past decades. It is not only industry that emits CO2 but we humans are also guilty of this. Espunda would also like to give something back to mother nature to reduce CO2 emissions and then also make continuous efforts to minimise them. We have therefore decided to make a start on this from now on.

Our goal 

In October 2022, we joined onetreeplanted. As part of this, for every insurance policy taken out, we will plant a tree in the a reforestation area in Spanish Basque Country. This reforestation will contribute to the recovery of Undabaso's forests. This area is located in the municipality of Muxika, in the province of Bizkaia, in the Basque Country. The area is part of the Urdaibai biosphere reserve.

Our roadmap focuses on one of our main goals: giving forests back to Mother Nature to offset the CO2 emissions of Espunda and its customers. We are proud to be the first Spanish insurance agent to support this organisation and its work.

How it works

Every policy you take out with us shows the insurance premium you have to pay to the company. We as Espunda have come up with the following idea:

  • Insurance premium € 100 - € 200 = 1 tree
  • Insurance premium € 200 - € 300 = 2 trees
  • Insurance premium € 300 - € 400 = 3 trees
  • Insurance premium € 400 - € 500 = 4 trees
  • Insurance premium > € 500 = 5 trees 

You will receive a certificate of the planted tree or trees so you know that a tree has really been planted for you.

Can I track it?

A counter will be placed on our homepage that will show how many trees have been planted by Espunda and its customers.

Perhaps you think nice initiative I want to know more about that please take a look at:

The property partners. ¡Claro!

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