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Additional services

We can assist you with legalisation procedures in Spain:

Request login for Guardia Civil regarding holiday guests: 
Price per application € 50,00 including VAT.

Application for NIE number:
Price per applicant € 55,00 including VAT, excluding fees of € 9,74

Applications Residencia:
Price per applicant € 55,00 including VAT, excluding € 12,00 fee

Driving licence conversion:
Price per applicant € 55.00 including VAT, excluding document duty € 24.34

Tax return:
We can take care of your tax return even if you do not have a property but you are liable to pay tax in Spain. For this we charge a monthly fee. We have put together 3 packages and you can choose the one that suits you best. The prices mentioned are including IVA:

Package Bronze Package Silver Package Gold
Income tax return Income tax return Income tax return
1x per year consultation 3x per year consultation 4x per year consultation
  Declaration rental house Declaration rental house
    Domestic and foreign capital declaration
€ 9,95 /Month * € 24,95 /Month * € 39,95 /Month *

* If you pay our fee per year you will receive a 5% discount on the invoice amount.

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