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About Us

Origin of Espunda

In the past 5 years we have gained experience in our search for our dream home and experienced the shortcomings in the Spanish real estate market. You should think of the lack of transparency of the broker landscape, lack of a good website with "real" dream homes, the opaque holiday and long term rental brokers, not to mention the after sales. Given our work in the Netherlands, where integrity and transparency are the core values ​​and words, this has not turned out to be our search for our dream home, far from it. This can still be changed in 2018 and that is why we started Espunda. We are small, and therefore flexible, transparent, but above all we have a passion for serving others.

We view the real estate market from a different point of view and can give you tips on how to better let out your real estate, in cooperation with Espunda, so that you can ultimately achieve more return on your investment.

Achieving returns is a lot easier if you have insight into the costs, but also manage to bring these costs under control. We can help you with this. From the purchase to the rental.

Espunda has currently chosen the Xabia region to start the concept but it is the intention to set up Espunda in several regions, with the right people, to create a clear story for the Spanish market.

If you do not want surprises and do not want to lie awake from your dream home, then it's time to contact us.


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    Marcel Rietveld

    Managing Director

    What you always wanted to know but never dared to ask.

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